Organize Your Week and Month

Organize your work and life schedule with the WallBoard Buddy™, available in both monthly and weekly calendar versions. Simply mount the WallBoard Buddy on the wall above your desk with the included mounting hardware and always have your schedule within easy view while you work.

calendar whiteboard

weekly calendar whiteboard


Easy Mounting

Every WallBoard Buddy™ comes with 4 pieces of gold finished wall mounting hardware, including four screws that will easily screw into any dry wall. Not sure if the WallBoard Buddy will work with your unique wall type? Send our customer service team a message and we will be happy to help.

monthly whiteboard calendar

dry erase monthly calendar


Works With Any Dry Erase Or Wet Erase Markers

The WallBoard Buddy's acrylic surface is designed to work with any dry erase or wet erase markers. So you can use the exact same markers you use on the DeskBoard Buddy or BoardBuddy on your WallBoard Buddy. It's that easy!


Stunning Design

The WallBoard Buddy™ features a beautiful acrylic glass design that adds a stunning modern aesthetic to any office space. Not only that, the acrylic glass is sturdy and scratch resistant, ensuring it lasts for years and years while still looking great.

dry erase wall calendar

dry erase calendar board


Help Save The Environment

The WallBoard Buddy™ works with any standard dry erase or wet erase marker, allowing you to easily reuse the WallBoard Buddy over and over and save paper waste from using traditional paper calendars.

12 month calendar


Size and Weight

The WallBoard Buddy™ comes in two sizes: one monthly size and one weekly size. The monthly WallBoard Buddy measures 60cm x 33cm (20" x 13") and weighs 1 kg (2.2 lb). The weekly WallBoard Buddy measures 48cm x 23cm (19" x 9") and weighs 0.7 kg (1.55 lb).

Both the monthly and weekly WallBoard Buddy™ are large enough to comfortably write your notes and reminders in the space provided.

12 month calendar size

weekly calendar size